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Illinois Rural Reverse Funding Fair (IRRFF) will be held July 20 in Effingham, Illinois. Rural Reverse is a unique approach to connecting community economic development projects with government and private sector funding and technical assistance – and we invite you to participate in the process!

Instead of YOU (public, private or non-profit organization representatives) attending a seminar to listen to multiple federal, state and private sector funding representatives provide detailed information on their program structures, guidelines, maximums and other eligibility criteria – this reverses the process. A panel of funding representatives is convened to listen to YOU provide information to THEM on your specific project. Note: This is an introductory/advisory opportunity to facilitate potential funding; decisions will not be made at this time.

Selected organizations will present a brief 15 minute project overview, including funding requirements.  This will be followed by a 15 minute Q & A session between panel and presenter.  The panel will discuss options to coordinate their programs and services to potentially fund the project through loans and/or grants; and will provide comments, recommendations and suggested actions to the presenter.

Due to time constraints, the number of project presentations is limited and applications must be submitted. Those demonstrating the greatest value/effect in terms of economic development strategies, regional impacts, and “funding-readiness” will be selected to present; guidelines will also be provided to help ensure all presentations contain essential information. The Illinois Rural Reverse Funding Fair provides an valuable educational experience to participating presenters and organizations. Projects not selected for presentation will be offered technical assistance for future readiness through Western Illinois University Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs.

Please use this link  to review and submit an application. Applications are due by midnight Thursday June 15; those selected will be notified by Thursday July 6 and provided with additional information to prepare their presentation for Thursday July 20.